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Informasi terbaru Pidato Bahasa nggris Pendidikan Akhirnya kami berhasil menemukan teks naskah pidato bahasa inggris berkaitan dengan tema pendidikan. Seperti biasa, pidatonya hanya bisa didapat keseluruhannya dengan cara download. Hal-ini dilakukan hanya untuk memberikan penghargaan kepada kami yang-telah memberikannya secara gratis. Sebenarnya pidato-pidato bahasa inggris yang-tersedia di-beberapa situs luar negeri adalah berbayar.

Berikut Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan

Judul: Education

N ations are counted great and remembered chiefly for two things-- wisdom and power: the former the property of the few; the latter the property of the many, though wielded by the few. The ancients aimed to confine knowledge to a select class, and to make it, so far as possible, an inheritance transmissible to their descendants. The enlightened moderns seek to make it the common heritage of all. They search for all the specimens of mind, even to the shreds of it found in idiots, and cultivate all these. Why? Because every mind is an element of power.

Private individuals ransack the streams and the mountains for particles of gold, and offer them to the world as an addition to its wealth; but a nation finds honor in discovering minds, and offering them to be used in all the duties of life. Des Cartes was accustomed to say, "In the universe there is nothing great but man, and in man there is nothing great but mind,''-an expression afterward condensed and improved by Sir William Hamilton thus: "In the universe nothing is great but[...]

Silakan download-disini untuk-mendapatkan naskah lengkap Pidato Bahasa inggris Tentang Pendidikan diatas. Pidato tentang pendidikan yang-akan didownload diatas dalam bahasa inggris, untuk meminta dalam bahasa Indonesia berbayar.
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